About Us

We love the outdoors, especially when it comes to the Ocean!

At Angry Shark Fishing Co. we LOVE all the activities associated with the outdoor lifestyle.It seems today like everyone is more connected with technology than nature. Growing up in SW Florida we couldn't imagine spending our days indoors, we were out fishing, diving, camping, hunting, boating etc... 

We want to see people getting back to these activities, and we have designed clothing and gear that we hope will encourage it!

Our passion is fishing, but we have unfortunately been seeing shark numbers declining. One of the main reasons for this is the act of "finning". Read more about it here→https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shark_finning 
 We have teamed up with Shark Allies, and a portion of proceeds from the sale of our kids capes will go to this non-profit organization! Learn more here → https://www.sharkallies.com/

We are all about ocean/shark conservation, and will have more info in the weeks to come!

Don't get mad, get ANGRY!